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Working Girls


Speak to all working women who are trying to rise and struggle in order to have a better life, the characters in Working Girls are breadwinners of their family. Some work so they can afford one-to eat per day, barely enough to survive. Their job and are passionate about their work may seem trivial, but like all of us, they struggle for their dreams too.


5 Minutes to Fame... Ah...ah...ah / 5 Menit lagi... Ah...ah...ah :

Ayu Riana is only 14 years old and she’s been the breadwinner of her family since she won main prize in one of the National TV singing contest in 2008. She works from gigs to gigs, performing on stage in different villages in West Java to fulfill the dream of her family. During her grueling show schedules and family pressure a question pops out of our mind, what's the real dream of Riana?


Windless Rhapsody / Asal Tak Ada Angin :

Kamek and her friends are women who are loyal to their choice to be traditional Javanese performing artist. They breathe and live backstage, in the bamboo compound of their theatre group and perform every night. What’s the true meaning of working in traditional arts for these woman? Here the meaning of loyalty in the midst of modernity and economical needs is reconstructed.

Ulfie Goes Home / Ulfie Pulang Kampung :

Ulfie is a transgender from Aceh who had been living in Jakarta, owning a salon. Ulfie's mom and siblings still reside in Aceh and she sends money every month for the family household. After years away from home Ulfie decides to go back to Aceh only to find out that many of her friends have died because of HIV/AIDS. At the same time, Ulfie herself has HIV and still keep it as a secret. None of her family members know about her illness. Can Ulfie manage to deal with her challenging issue?.

Bioghraphy Directors

Sammaria Simanjuntak & Sally Anom Sari - 5 Minutes ah ah ah

Both graduated from the prestigious Bandung Institute of Technology and took a detour in choosing to be Film makers. Together they made their 1st feature narrative, Cin(t)a and got several awards recognition domestically and internationally, including Jiffest 2009 Audience Award. Working girls us their first documentary.

Yosep Anggi Noen - Windless Rhapsody

He's been making short films since high school. Graduated with a political science degree, he got a fellowship from Asian Film Academy Pusan, Korea in 2007. One of his short, it's Not Raining Outside has been travelling to international film festivals including Rotterdam, Cinemanila and Asian Hot Shots in Berlin. Working Girls is his first documentary.

Daud Sumolang & Nitta Nazyra C. Noer - Ulfie Goes Home

Both graduated from Jakarta Art Institute Majoring in Film. In 2006 Daud was selected to participate of Berlinale Talent Campus. His screenplay Dajang Soembi directed by Edwin was screened in New York Museum of Modern Art in 2009. Nazyra's first short film A Wonderful Life got an award from one of Indonesia's Network TV in 2002. Her next short About Diji was screened at Q Film Festival in 2008. Working girls is the first documentary for both of them.

Produser’s Statement

Working Girls is a film developed from scratch in the second Project Change! master class workshop 2009. The directors were chosen out of 26 other workshop participants based on their clear visions in surfacing potential stories of social justice, human rights and gender equality. It's been a long journey to finish Working Girls but it's always rewarding to see all of us grow more conscious together. I believe that nonfiction film making is vital to society. Likewise, I hope the audience will engage in substantial action to bring positive change after watching Working Girls. We welcome any institutions who are willing to screen this film and have an open discussion for issue related to the film.

- Nia Dinata-


Production Notes

Writers and Directors : Sammaria Simanjuntak & Sally Anom Sari,

Yosep Anggi Noen,

Daud Sumolang & Nitta Nazyra C. Noer.

Produced by : Nia Dinata

Co-Produced by : Vivian Idris

Executive Producer : Constantin Papadimitriou

Production Supervisor : Abduh Aziz

Content Supervisor : Myra Diarsi

Camera Team : Goen Guy Gunawan &

Rudolph Angelo Ratulangi

Editors : Aline Jusria, Bernardes Salvano

Music : Aghi Narotama

Sound Engineer : Khikmawan Santosa & Crossfade Team

Format : DV

Duration : 123 mins



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