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Film Conspiracy of Silence

Production Notes

Written and Directed by Ucu Agustin

Producer by Nia Dinata

Co-Producer by Ucu Agustin

Director of Photography by Goen Guy Gunawan

Offline Editor by Sally Anom Sari, Goen Guy Gunawan, Ucu Agustin

Online Editor by Bernardes Salvano

Music Composer by Frans Martatko

Sound Designer by Dono Firman

Graphics Designer by Erickson Siregar

Line Producer byNina Desilina

Additional Camera by Ray Nayoan, Fitrah Hardi Galuh, Affan Diaz

Shooting Format Mini DV

Screening Format DV

Produced by Kalyana Shira Foundation & Gambar bergerak

Duration 70 minutes




How hard is it to seek for proper medical treatment in Indonesia? The answer is: it is as hard as searching for a needle in the hay stack.

The poor have been kept as outcast who can never have access to health services. The rich always seek treatment overseas. At the same time the victims of malpractices whose rights have been violated almost all end up with zero results when it comes to justice.


The conspiracy of silence is deeply woven inside the corps of Indonesian medical doctors. Whereas, the rights of patients are consciously silenced and ignored without any protection from the government.

This is a film that surface reality of human rights violation. Each protagonist rises and struggles for their basic rights. It is a touching portrait of pain and perseverance.


Producer’s Statement

I've produced and supervised Ucu’s film for several times before Conspiracy Of Silence. She has passion and perseverances to be a courageous filmmaker. These are qualities that are rare in today’s world filled with commercial temptation.

Conspiracy Of Silence is a film that touches the basic value of human rights. We’re now living in a world where truth, most of the time, is stranger than fiction. The stories of all characters in Conspiracy Of Silence must be told. The film is our way to break that silence.

I encourage institution, formal or informal, to engage with us in getting this film out for more screenings for a broader public.


- Nia Dinata-


Director’s Statement

Making this film brings more endless question about our basic rights as human being to be healthy. What is health? Where can we obtain health? How can we get proper medical treatment in Indonesia? Where are the public's partners who are willing to disclose data and facts about the violation of medical practice done by doctors in Indonesia?.

From the malpractice victim's point of view. I see devastation, lost of hope, so that many choose to end their fight and be buried in silence. In the medical practitioner's side, I feel the coldness of their world, as if talking is forbidden, as if there is this whole conspiracy of silence to protect each other. When it comes to the victim's advocacy, almost no formal institution related to health and doctor's ethics are willing to disclose information. Silence has been so dominant that hurts me emotionally during the making of this film.

Do average Indonesia citizens deserve to be trusted like this in regards to their health? All of us have to end this kind of toleration to an unjust system.


-Ucu Agustin -



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